Sprinkler Tune Up

Not all irrigation systems are created equal. Irrigation design depends on factors such as local climate, plant types, soil conditions, sun exposure and so on. Because of these factors, some older systems that are improperly designed or installed fail to deliver water efficiently.That is why Advanced Patio & Landscape offers an On Site Irrigation Evaluation and Sprinkler Tune Up to determine what actions and products are needed to ensure proper operation. We only recommend the best professional grade products available from Rainbird, Toro and Hunter Industries.
All the components of your homes irrigation system, the controller, the sprinkler heads and the valves work together to provide your landscape with the water it needs to thrive. Repairing or retrofitting just one zone of your homes irrigation system with smart irrigation technologies helps to save water. Repairing or retrofitting all of your landscape zones (or installing a new system) provides the right amount of water to keep it healthy and attractive without any excess runoff or water waste ensuring you maximum water savings.

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