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Subsurface drip irrigation for lawns is one of the most efficient ways to water your lawn and reduce water use. It is up to 90% more efficient than a standard overhead lawn sprinkler systems. It works by delivering water directly into the root zone of your existing or new lawn, eliminating water loss from wind drift, evaporation, overspray, and other factors. Drip irrigation is preferred over spray irrigation in narrow and irregular shaped planters especially when traditional spray heads are unable to provide correct coverage.

The components of a typical subsurface irrigation system are a control zone that has a valve, filter, 30 psi pressure regulator, header pipe, drip line, air valve, and flush port.

Subsurface drip irrigation installation for an existing lawn requires a machine that will make a 1-½’’ wide and a 4’’ to 6’’ deep trench in which to place the drip tubing. The spacing between the drip line rows with grass installations is usually 12’’ apart. Typical machine lawn aeration is between 2’’ and 3’’. Advanced Patio & Landscape usually place’s the drip line at a depth of 4’’ and advises customers not to aerate more than 2-½’’ inches deep for areas with subsurface drip irrigation.  Cap off the old system and install the drip components and recompact the soil to the original compaction. If the latter is not done correctly water will not distribute properly and may result in green striping occurring where the drip line was placed. Check out this youtube video showing a drip system properly installed.

http://www.rainbird.com/products/xfs-subsurface-dripline-copper-shieldtm-technology/support.  Remove any excess soil and hand water any stressed or dry areas for the next week or two. Depending on the type of grass you have and the time of year you install the subsurface drip system determines how long it will take for the lawn to repair itself and how long to set the irrigation controller for. A good source for providing controller timing is http://www.bewaterwise.com/calculator.html.

Installation for new lawns is the preferred method by Advanced Patio & Landscape. We spray for weeds and remove your old lawn. Add soil amendments if needed, adding organic matter to the soil helps the soil to retain water and provides habitat for beneficial organisms.  We add fertilizer and rototill the area to 6’’deep to assure an even compaction rate across the drip area. Cap off the old spray heads and modify the irrigation system for drip. Then we level the soil, hand trench in 09 gph with 12’’ spacing drip lines and backfill. We regrade the lawn area to provide proper drainage and install the new lawn. You are left with a beautiful looking new lawn with a super efficient subsurface drip irrigation system.

For a reliable and durable sub-surface drip solution for turf. Advanced Patio & Landscape proudly use Rain Bird’s XFS subsurface dripline with Copper Shield Technology, it protects the emitter from root intrusion, creating a long-lasting, low maintenance subsurface drip irrigation system for use under turf grass or shrub and groundcover areas. http://www.rainbird.com/products/xfs-subsurface-dripline-copper-shieldtm-technology/support

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