Rain Water Catchment

Rain Water Catchment

Not too many contractors practice green technology. With mother earth's condition, practicing green technology in whatever way we can is tantamount to saving our planet. Rainwater catchment is a green process technology that Advanced Patio and Landscape practices. In fact, this is just one of our specialties in this field.

What is Rainwater Catchment?

Rainwater catchment as the name implies is a way of harvesting water from rainfall and re-using it. In fact, our mother earth is all-together a rainwater catchment. Water coming from rain gives nourishment to plants and trees around. It is through this cycle that the famous rainwater catchment process came from. During the olden times, majority of rainwater catchment devices use drums as catchment coming from spouts from the roof. Primitive as it may sound, this is the most common way of catching and storing water for later use.

With modern technology, installing rainwater catchment is as easy as 1-2-3 if done by experts like Advanced Patio and Landscape. We use and store rainwater through our specialized rainwater tank which will then be the source of future water usage.

Rainwater catchment is beginning to be the "in" thing in sustainability. From solar panels to rainwater catchment, truly nature has a lot to offer.

Benefits of Rainwater Catchment

Below are some of the benefits your rainwater catchment may give you:

  1. Reduction in water use – Re-using the water you have saved in your rainwater catchment rather than the faucet water could save you a lot on utility cost. You may use your water from your rain catchment to wash your car or water your plants.

  2. Better irrigation for your landscaping - Since you don't have to worry about increasing the cost of your water consumption, your plants in your landscape would be well-irrigated through the water stored in your rain catchment.

  3. Assurance of water supply - Despite calls that water might be disrupted today due to pipes being fixed, your home will not at all be affected because of the rainwater catchment you have which can store enough water supply for your household use. Did you know that rainwater as well is good for your laundry because it is considered soft water?

Who are the Experts in Rainwater Catchment

If you are in the state of California, particularly in the area of Trabuco Canyon, you don't have to look far as our company service the whole of the Orange County and other major areas in California. And with our over 10 years of experience, we are proud to say that we are already experts in the field of rainwater catchment technology.

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From conceptualization to planning and until the work is done, you can be sure that you are dealing with the "professionals." We boast of our workmanship and quality of service, not to mention our reliability. We have licensed and expert professionals in our roster of workers – the reason why you are assured that your project is in good hands.

You can visit our office or call us for any inquiry on rainwater catchment installation. Our team of customer service personnel is always ready to assist every California homeowner in their effort to help protect the environment.