Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting enhances the beauty of your home and surrounding landscape while adding safety and security. Landscape lighting also allows you to take advantage of your outdoor spaces during the evening hours plus increase your home’s nighttime curb appeal. Whether your existing landscape lighting needs to be repaired or you are thinking about installing a new system, Advanced Patio & Landscape can take the hassle out of doing so. Let us repair or install a quality landscape lighting system for you!

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Why Add Landscape Lighting?


Landscape features seen only in daylight hours now stand out at night and become more visible. Plant textures hidden during daylight hours show natural detail when properly highlighted at night. The architectural details of your home can be accentuated to bring your home and landscape together to create that “just right” look. Landscape lighting can also make a marketable difference to the exterior of your home should you decide to sell in the future.


Driveways, stairs and walkways will be lighted to make sure family and guests are able to move about easily and safely at night.


A well-lit landscape deters potential intruders by illuminating dark areas and shadows that can conceal movement around your property. Landscape lighting also allows you and your neighbors to see and identify possible intruders.

Lighting from Advanced Patio & Landscape

Advanced Patio & Landscape is your source for professional landscape lighting design, repair and installation. We offer one of the most comprehensive selections of landscape and specialty lighting fixtures to fit every budget. After evaluating your property and going over your questions and concerns, Advanced Patio & Landscape will put together a landscape lighting design made especially for your home. There are many techniques that we use to achieve the ambiance you desire. The following are different types of lighting techniques that we can incorporate into your design:

  • Up Lighting

  • Wall Washing

  • Cross Lighting

  • Grazing

  • Down Lighting

  • Mirror Lighting

  • Path Lighting

  • Highlight or Focal Point

  • Back Lighting

  • Safety Lighting

  • Silhouette Lighting

  • Underwater Lighting

  • Shadowing


The effects of these techniques differ greatly but to get the right mix of beauty and function, we use only the best landscape lighting products available. When placed correctly, landscape lighting enhances the aesthetic of your home and landscaping by revealing textures and designs that are often lost during daylight. Our goal is to install elegant and reliable products to ensure lasting satisfaction with every lighting project we complete. To start enjoying the benefits of a properly designed landscape lighting system, we will help you choose the best landscape lighting that will meet your individual preferences. Contact Advanced Patio & Landscape today and let’s get started on your special project!