Drainage is as important as installing a functional irrigation system. Who wants a soggy lawn or an overly watered plant bed, anyway? Even the rain can sometimes make the entire landscape look like a lake. And that is not beautiful at all. It’s not even good for the plants. Unnecessary water must be lead to where they belong with a high-quality drainage system.

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Quality Drainage Products from Reputable Supplier

Advanced Patio & Landscape uses the best drainage solution in California- the leading products of NDS, Inc. This company has been providing drainage solution in the state and nearby areas for more than 30 years. They developed many firsts in the industry, including the first-ever catch basin.

It is not easy to remain on top of the competition for more than three decades if your products and the company’s culture are not competitive. Today, they are providing more lines of different products for residential and commercial use.

Drainage Solutions for your Landscape

Our company uses different NDS drainage products for variety of purposes. We have mentioned the phenomenal plastic-made catch basins. Today, there is a wider variety of catch basins to choose from. But their purpose is still the same- collecting excess water from the surface. They even have extra special features like a sump area for collecting debris, thus preventing these from clogging the pipeline. Flo-Well will work better for storing as much as 50 gallons of water. It functions like the traditional well only that it is made out of sturdy, recycled plastic to ensure effective drainage through the subsurface.

Stocking up water is only one component of a drainage system. The water must also be led to its right place. And that will be possible with the EZflow system. It’s an all-in-one better replacement to pipes and gravel. It’s like a pipe, covered with polystyrene aggregates. EZflow pipes are easily connected to one another so installation is easier and faster.

Trench and channel drainage solutions are better choices on hard surfaces like patios, spas, pools, and driveways. All of these products are made out of the most durable materials that can withstand even the heaviest automobile. Their covers are available in variety of colors and materials to perfectly match any area.

We can install different types of drainage depending on the needs of your landscape. For areas that are not prone to flooding, we can install micro drain systems. On the other hand, a landscape that is susceptible to frequent flooding needs larger drainage system. We can use the Pro Series drainage system from NDS.

Lastly, we have the Pop-Up Emitter. This is the final destination of drained water. What’s unique about this is it remains covered so that no debris or pest can ever get into and mess up the drainage system. The spring-loaded cap will pop-up only when there is enough water to be emitted and then will close back down after the drain. With these products, Advanced Patio and Landscape can handle any type of drainage problems in your landscape.

Reliable Drainage Installer in California

These are just few of the many amazing products that will complete your perfect drainage system. No need to suffer even the most tolerable flood in the landscape, especially if the system is built by the best landscape artists in California. No more waiting. Call us soon and let’s discuss about the best drainage solution for your home.

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